DOJO Press

The Men Who Stare at GoatsThey believed that a soldier could adopt the cloak of invisibility, pass cleanly through walls, and—perhaps most chillingly—kill goats just by staring at them.
Spy the LieThree former CIA officers—among the world's foremost authorities on recognizing deceptive behavior—share their proven techniques for uncovering a lie.
Media ControlMedia Control is an invaluable primer on the secret workings of disinformation in democratic societies.
The Official CIA Manual of Trickery and DeceptionOnce a top-secret training manual for CIA field agents in the early Cold War Era of the 1950s, The Official CIA Manual of Trickery and Deception is now available to the general public.
Bruce Lee's Fighting MethodOriginally compiled as a four-volume series, this definitive examination explains how to survive attacks on the street, increase training awareness, and develop body movements.
Improvised Ninja Smoke DevicesThis book explains in detail the fine art of Yogen (Ninja Chemistry). Learn the simple procedures for making smoke devices from readily available supplies.
CIA Explosives For Sabotage ManualThis comprehensive manual covers such topics as improvised firing systems and detonators, steel cutting techniques and derailment technology.
CIA Field-Expedient Key Casting ManualHave you ever wondered how the CIA agent gets behind locked doors when he is in the field, far from the locksmith shop?
How To Hide AnythingWith little effort and expense, you can hide cash, armaments and even family from the menacing eyes of burglars, terrorists or anyone.
Ninja Shuriken ThrowingThe Shuriken, a weapon of stealth also known as the Throwing Star, is but one part of the Ninja's arsenal.

Yoga Quest

Working with KundaliniA guide to moving gracefully through the 3-phase process of Kundalini awakening.
The Complete Book of Vinyasa YogaRamaswami presents more than nine hundred poses and variations in logically structured sequences, precisely describing Krishnamacharya's complete Vinyasakrama system.
The Yoga BibleThe Yoga Bible is the ultimate, comprehensive guide to practicing yoga and finding a mental and physical balance in life.
Karma: A Yogi's Guide to Crafting Your DestinyA new perspective on the overused and misunderstood concept of “karma” that offers the key to happiness and enlightenment, from the world-renowned spiritual master Sadhguru.
Death; An Inside StoryWhat if death was not a catastrophe that it is made to be, but an essential aspect of life?
Kundalini: The Arousal of the Inner EnergyKundalini: The Arousal of the Inner Energy examines the modern accounts of the kundalini experience, both Eastern and Western.
The Power of Ashtanga Yoga IIA user's guide to intermediate-level practice of Ashtanga Yoga, from the dynamic yoga teacher Kino MacGregor.
Kundalini: The Evolutionary Energy in ManCoiled like a snake at the base of the spine, kundalini is the spiritual force that lies dormant in every human being.
Enlightenment: What It IsThis unique dual volume booklet combines two discussions with Sadhguru, each encompassing a diverse range of topics.
Inner Engineering: A Yogi's Guide to JoyIn this transformative book Sadhguru tells the story of his own awakening, from a boy with an unusual affinity for the natural world to a young daredevil who crossed the Indian continent on his motorcycle.